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About Linda.

I am a planner, a researcher, and a civic engagement expert. I am a believer in how public art, the cultural arts, and creativity can change a community.  My expertise and my knowledge is not only built through formal education but also through experience in every community we work.


My undergraduate degree is in psychology, and I hold a Ph.D. in organizational development with a concentration in conflict resolution. I began my career conducting research for marketing and advertising, progressed to transportation behavioral research helping government understand how people respond to new technologies, and followed my heart to the arts! I have training specifically related to qualitative and quantitative research and community engagement.

My best strength is flexibility – in mind, in job, and body! (Yes, I am a yoga girl.) Being flexible and able to adapt to many different situations at different times builds resiliency and focus.

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While I am not an artist in the true sense of the word, I find and enjoy creativity in many different ways. My love for the performing arts – especially all kinds of musical expression. Such great stories are told through artistic expression and I love absorbing all of them.


My passion is working with youth and when I have time, I volunteer in my home state of Florida with several non-profits supporting youth development. I also volunteer in higher education, mentoring students and serving on dissertation committees – helping others get through the complex process of a doctorate degree!


International travel. While my job involves getting on a plane to go to work, I wish I had more time to travel the world with my husband. Travel is the ultimate connector to culture and learning about others whose lives are different from our own.


I was born in Saudi Arabia and have never visited the country where I was born. I grew up in many different places around the globe, and thank my strong, adventurous parents for instilling a never-ending wanderlust in my soul.





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