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About Martin.

I’ve spent nearly 40 years in the arts management field in a wide variety of organizations from small modern dance ensembles to large ballet companies; as executive director of a national service organization; and as a grant-maker focused on organizational capacity, leadership development, and legacy planning.

My expertise is engaging with clients in building consensus and crafting pathways for change and growth. I love listening to a variety of views and opinions and helping others stay on track, focused on the issues, and not wandering off on tangents that are so tempting. Mediation and facilitation have come in handy and have played well to my strengths and core instincts. Also, I enjoy assisting individual leaders to navigate decision-making when the path is not always clear.

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Though I began my professional training as a musician I came to realize my talents were best utilized behind the curtain and off stage. While I still dabble in music, I channel my creative energies into solving organizational challenges and working with others to achieve their best.  Perhaps my most active creative outlets now are exploring many culinary traditions and expanding the output of our vegetable garden.


I am active board member of Jewish Learning Venture, an organization focused on innovation in Jewish education, expanding whole community inclusion in synagogue and Jewish life and finding new pathways for young Jewish families to connect. 


Performing in a big band and touring the world!


Getting back on the newly-rebuilt bike and riding daily.





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